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Photo tip of the day – IIPK

photo tips from IIPK
The aperture priority mode (AV) in your DSLR comes in very handy when you want complete control over depth-of-field (DOF) quickly, without having to worry about getting the exposure wrong. In this mode, you set the aperture and the ISO, and the camera automatically selects the shutter speed at that setting, which gives the correct exposure. When you want full DOF, choose a high f-stop (aperture). When you want shallow DOF, choose a lower f-stop. The AV mode provides a faster, quicker way of shooting while giving you the creative freedom over DOF at the same time. Remember, however, that if you are shooting in low light conditions in AV-mode, you must setup your camera on a tripod to avoid camera shake, as the shutter speed selected by your camera will be low.



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