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Fundamentals of Digital Photography & Media Arts Program


Key Highlights:

  • Covers the basic concepts of digital photography and includes interactive sessions
  • 15-classes spread over 3-months. 12-classes on Sundays, 3-classes on Saturday
  • 1-yr free access to library and interactive sessions held at IIPk campus
  • Certificate shall be issued upon completion of course


Course Duration:  12-weeks

   Class timing:          Sunday, 2pm – 5pm

   Course Fee:            INR-28,000


Course Curriculum:



Basic camera operations & handling

  • Fundamental operations of Digital Camera
  • Understanding of digital camera features and techniques
  • Practical application of digital camera features


Understanding composition

  • Fundamentals of composition
  • Composition rules & techniques
  • Practical application of composition techniques


Understanding framing & perspective

  • Fundamentals of framing
  • Different framing techniques
  • Practical application of framing techniques & perspective


Fundamental concepts of camera lens & operations

  • Understanding camera lens
  • Understanding lens focal length
  • Practical application & scenarios


Lens aperture, f-stops, and allied concepts

  • Understanding lens Aperture
  • Understanding f-stops
  • Practical application & scenarios


ISO sensitivity settings & effects

  • Understanding ISO
  • Effect of ISO in composition
  • Practical application & techniques



Fundamental concepts of digital camera exposure

  • Understanding exposure triangle
  • Controlling exposure in different scenarios
  • Practical application of lighting techniques


Understanding colour in digital camera photography

  • Fundamentals of colour
  • Understanding of colour calibration
  • Practical application of colour modulation techniques



Fundamental concepts of camera white balance settings

  • Understanding camera white balance
  • Effects of white balance in composition
  • Practical application & techniques


Concepts & techniques of using manual custom white balance

  • Understanding custom white balance
  • Effects of change of colour temperature
  • Practical application & scenarios


Fundamental concepts of shooting modes & metering modes

  • Understanding camera metering modes
  • Digital camera shooting modes & techniques
  • Practical application & scenarios


  • Interactive sessions on concepts covered
  • Review of application & scenarios

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