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How to start-off your career in Photography?

how to start career in photography
This is a question which baffles all amateurs. With a clear mindset, organized approach, and the right guidance from a reputed training institute, things eventually will fall in place. Everything in life has a certain order of proceedings, and professional photography is no exception. After completion of your course, it is imperative that you have your work folio up-to-date, and you showcase it in the best possible way, under the guidance of your experienced faculty. Photography agencies are looking for people with strong technical skills as well as individual creativity, imagination, and the ability to improvise and deliver what is required within tight deadlines. So, to kick-start your career as a commercial photographer, you must be proficient in all the technical aspects, and at the same time be versatile, so as to tackle genres such as food, product, and fashion with equal ease. You must remember that this is a highly competitive field and the demand is quite often greater than the job in supply.
You have to combine your technical skills and artistry with your business sense, improvise, and adapt to make the most out of every possible scenario.


IIPK grooms its students and guides them through the initial hand-holding phase in a manner which no other institute does in the eastern region. To start with, a highly experienced and acclaimed faculty imparts the technical knowledge which is required in the professional domain and helps the students create a strong work folio, matching industry standards. After due completion, of course, students can directly approach agencies /advertising & media houses under the recommendation of the institute, and gain meaningful employment on the basis of their technical skills & work portfolio. Alternatively, students can kick-start their career working as assistants for the faculty, doing all the pre/post shoot preparatory works, and slowly develop & grow under their guidance to be able to work independently at a later stage. Freelancing is also a very good option, and students with the right skill set and business sense are encouraged and guided accordingly by the institute. Here they can contract their work with agencies, and accordingly get their work published. The agencies on their turn allow magazines to use their work and pay the photographer for the sale. This works fantastically well for stock photography and e-commerce portals and provides good earning opportunities for our students on completion of course.


Today the market scenario for commercial photography globally is characterized by a diverse client base, and the industry itself is rapidly expanding due to an upsurge in digital technologies. Consequently, commercial photographers worldwide are seeing a rising market, greater earning opportunities, and enjoying the freedom to move freely across the globe, as and when an opportunity presents itself. Currently, the market for digital photography worldwide is estimated over USD 80 billion, registering a growth of 5.9% annually and the numbers are expected to rise. So, if you are passionate about photography, and thinking of pursuing it professionally, this is the time to take the plunge.

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