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Why should you opt for Commercial Photography?

why should you opt for commercial photography

So you are an amazing photographer. Your understanding of light-structure, visual aesthetics and composition is unparallel. But you still can’t figure out why your cash register isn’t ringing?  The answer is simple. Just being a great photographer is not going to fill your pockets or cover your bills. You have to combine your photography skills with your business & marketing sense in order to be successful in your line of work. In other words, you have to think and act like a ‘creative businessman’: this is exactly what commercial photography is all about. For those with the right mindset and attitude and who are proactive enough, commercial photography not only provides tremendous earning opportunities but at the same time enables you to cement your position in the industry through client interactions and PR. So how do you go about it? Firstly, it is imperative that you master the technical aspects of commercial photography from a reputed institute, where a team of experienced faculty would guide you through the process. Once you’ve mastered the technical skills, you have to work on the business side of things. You have to let go of your ego and understand the fact that the client is God. It’s not about shooting what you like to shoot – no matter how great or skillful a photographer you are – but about shooting what the agency or the client needs; it is all about shooting what is ‘sellable’, as per the market and industry requirement. The moment you get this into your head and come to terms with it, half of the battle is won. You can then combine your technical and creative skills and work within the parameters as stated by the client / agency and be extremely successful commercial photographer making beaucoup money.From branding & promotional campaigns, advertisements, to e-commerce portals and stock photography agencies – when you talk about commercial photography today, there is a plethora of lucrative avenues available to budding professionals to kick-start their career. The market too has become more structured and streamlined compared to what was even five or six years ago. So what’s holding you back? Get your work folio ready, get proactive, be a ‘creative businessman’, and cement your place in the lucrative domain of commercial photography.



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