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Commercial Photography: so how do I start earning?

The world of commercial photography covers varied genres, viz., food, fashion, product – each requiringgenre-specific skills and technical know-how. At IIPK, students are groomed and trained to explore all

the genres of commercial photography, and are guided accordingly to meet the demands of the

commercial photography market. Photography aside, the other crucial factors which come into play

when you talk about being successful commercially, are networking, client handling & PR management.

Understanding the market is important, and it pays to promote one’s brand through social media and

other appropriate channels. At IIPK students gain crucial inputs on the same from the faculty &

workshop mentors with decades of experience in the commercial domain. From interacting with art

directors, to coordinating with makeup artists & stylists – students at IIPK have the unique opportunity

to master the all-important ‘people management skills’ required for being successful in the world of

commercial photography. So, how do you start earning? The key here is not how good you are at

shooting; it is about how good you are in combining your technical skills along with your marketing and

business proficiency. Ask yourself these three very crucial questions:

(1) How much do I charge from my prospective client?

(2) How professional I am in my line of work?

(3) How well can I promote myself, and the brand that I stand for?

At the end of the day, nobody can actually teach you business. You have to develop it yourself, by asking

the above questions. IIPK grooms students so as to give them a proper understanding of the market, and

the guidelines for ‘pitching’ successfully at the client interface. But as the records show, it is the students

themselves who have taken the onus upon themselves, going that extra mile, putting that extra bit of

effort to be successful commercially. That in turn makes us feel proud for who we are, and what we

stand for. From e-commerce portals to stock photography agencies – there is opportunities’ galore

when you look at commercial photography today, not to mention the wide basket of profitable clients

and media houses. All you need to do on your part is get your work folio ready, create your brand, pitch

yourself to the clients, and start earning!



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