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Advance Diploma Program


Principle of Photography
Basic Photography | Practical Implementation | Various Camera System Handling | Operation & Photographic Techniques

History of Photography
Application of Science | Art and Commerce | Inventors
Guideline | Reference Book Reading

Basic Manual Operation of Camera
Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO | Lens Choice | DSLR Workflow

Practical Implementation of Various Modes
Line, Text, Value | Composition (Classical Rules)

Photo Composition & Editing

Light System
Studio Light System | Indoor/ Outdoor Light

Secrets of Color Photography
Computer Editing | Retouching | Advance Manipulation

Introducing to Outdoor Photography (Nature & Wildlife)
Understanding Basics of Outdoor Photography through nature camps

Introducing to Studio Flash Lighting
Studio accessories Handling | Understanding Light Direction | Available Light Photography | Travel photography in natural lightning | Model and Fashion Photography Life Style with Makeup

Photojournalism Portraiture

Fashion and Commercial Photography
Ways to work with Ad Agency and understanding of layout.

Live Fashion Shoot – Fashion Photography

Editorial Photography
Difference between Editorial and Advertising | How to work as an editorial photographer | How to capture candid moments

Landscape Photography

Advance System Manipulation

Still Life
Product Photography, Jewelry, Food, Industrial Tools,
Consumerdurable products | Still life practical handle lightnings | Composition sense | Aesthetics | Styling etc

Assignment and Evaluation
Still Life Advertising/ Lifestyle
Splash Photography | Mix Media Lighting

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12 months


Monday to Friday (11am – 4.00pm)


– Regular Photo Walks

– In-campus Fashion Shoot

– Live Projects

– Placement Opportunity Program

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